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Ensure Your Holiday Safety with Outdoor Security Solutions

Use outdoor security to illuminate and protect your home.

Use Camera Surveillance to Protect Package Deliveries and More

Gear up for the winter season and start spreading that holiday cheer! While we await Santa’s arrival, we must keep our eyes peeled for those who may be more like the Grinch. Consider how outdoor security and camera surveillance could help protect your packages, guests, and more this holiday season. Continue reading to learn how Toronto and Southern Ontario residents use outdoor security solutions to stay diligent and aware.

7 Lighting Design Tips for Holiday Hosts

An intimate dinner party with people sitting around a dining table with mood lighting.

Let the Lights Shine Bright in Your Home This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, there's no better time to consider how lighting design can help set the mood for your upcoming festive fun. While it’s true that lighting can impact our daily lives, it can also play an essential role in creating the perfect holiday atmosphere for joyful celebrations. Continue reading as we share seven lighting design tips to make your Collingwood, Ontario, holiday party shine bright.

Looking for a Home Theater Contractor to Enhance Halloween Fun?

Enjoy magical movie experiences in your custom home theater.

Let Us Bring Your Favorite Scary Movies to Your Own Big Screen

What do you imagine when you picture the ideal spooky movie night at home? A brilliant large screen with vivid colors? Is the pulse of the bass making your heart race? Behind every bone-chilling home movie experience is the work of a reliable home theater contractor. Continue reading to learn about working with the Balaklava team in Southern Ontario, Canada, to bring your spooktacular home cinema visions to life.

Are You Dealing With Terrifying Home Technology Issues?


Our Smart Home Automation Company Brings Your Dying Technology Back to Life 

Our team has a special affinity for all things spooky, which is why we're particularly excited when the Halloween season rolls around. This love for the mysterious and the eerie is ingrained in our brand's DNA. That's right, we're named after the Balaclava Ghost Town, a place as intriguing as the technology we offer. This ghost town in Ontario is home to a cemetery that inspired our name and our brand's unique identity. 

It showcases we are more than a smart home automation company. Our team appreciates the blend of the old and the new, the living and the spectral, the everyday and the extraordinary. And more than anything, it means we're not scared to face our clients' terrifying technology stories and come up with solutions that bring their smart homes back to life.

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