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Smart Lighting Control Makes Daily Routines a Breeze

Room featuring a bar, seating area and billiards table. Lighting fixtures are managed by smart lighting control system.

Simplify Technology, Streamline Your Life. Balaklava Has You Covered

Imagine walking into your Ontario home after being away for several days on vacation. Instead entering a dark foyer and fumbling for the light switch on the wall, your lights are already turned on to welcome you. There’s no need to juggle your keys and belongings as you unsafely make your way inside to drop your bags without tripping over anything.

Technology should make life simpler instead of stressful. Sorting through multiple remotes, apps, or switches is a thing of the past when you have a smart lighting control system from Balaklava. Keep reading below to learn more about this innovative home solution for clients in the Waterloo area and beyond!

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