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Are You Dealing With Terrifying Home Technology Issues?


Our Smart Home Automation Company Brings Your Dying Technology Back to Life 

Our team has a special affinity for all things spooky, which is why we're particularly excited when the Halloween season rolls around. This love for the mysterious and the eerie is ingrained in our brand's DNA. That's right, we're named after the Balaclava Ghost Town, a place as intriguing as the technology we offer. This ghost town in Ontario is home to a cemetery that inspired our name and our brand's unique identity. 

It showcases we are more than a smart home automation company. Our team appreciates the blend of the old and the new, the living and the spectral, the everyday and the extraordinary. And more than anything, it means we're not scared to face our clients' terrifying technology stories and come up with solutions that bring their smart homes back to life.

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Must-Have Residential Infrastructure Solutions That Make Sense

large TV display featuring a woman holding a surfboard, powered by networking infrastructure solutions.

A Strong Technology Foundation Sets Your Home Up for Luxury

Simpler living is only a button-press away. Tap one button to simultaneously lower all of the shades in a room, or set the perfect ambiance with lighting and audio for a party gathering in your Waterloo-area home. 

It’s crucial to incorporate infrastructure solutions to make your smart home devices run as they should - securely, quickly, and effectively. Keep reading below to learn how Balaklava can bring these foundational technologies and features to your Ontario property.

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