Your Favorite Music and Movies Are Now Available Outside

outdoor TV mounted above an outdoor kitchen area with grill, sink, and cabinetry

Pair the Wonderful Weather with Outdoor Video Entertainment

Did you know that you can simply step outside your back door to experience a personalized viewing and listening experience while the sun shines on your skin? Outdoor video and audio integration by the professionals at Balaklava takes your essential entertainment components like speakers, TVs, and lighting, makes them rugged enough for year-round operation, and designs them all to work beautifully together in a comprehensive outdoor system. It’s all easy enough to manage with the tap of a button on a smart device too.

Explore what’s possible with an outdoor AV installation at your Kitchener, Ontario property. Discover more by scrolling below!

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Boardroom Automation Helps You Achieve New Heights of Productivity

Boardroom featuring tabletop room control and large display screen with a man walking in and setting down his laptop

Improve Employee Performance, Increase Energy Savings & More with Automation

Meetings are where the big business decisions are made, but if your Waterloo, Ontario company has outdated technology solutions, you’re stunting your long-term potential. Explore what’s possible by upgrading your meeting spaces with automated lighting, motorized shades, high-performance audio/video, and other boardroom automation and control technologies. Your profits - and staff members’ morale - will soar! Keep reading below to discover how.

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Prepare for the Unexpected with Balaklava’s Leading Security Solutions

corner of a business building in the background with trees and a commercial security camera in the foreground.

Consider These Top Commercial Security Solutions for Your Southern Ontario Business

Commercial security considerations are paramount for any Collingwood business owner. Whether it’s preventing access to specific areas of your property, managing entry into the lobby area, or simply viewing surveillance footage, owners and facilities managers are faced with the daunting task of protecting staff members, customers, and assets at all times of day - even when the business day ends! 

To ensure everything is protected day and night, consider upgrading the commercial security solutions in your Southern Ontario, Canada business. Want to learn how? Keep reading below to discover more!

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Have You Heard of This Cost-Effective Commercial Lighting Solution?

View of modern office hallway with overhead, hanging lights.

Learn How PoE Lighting Technology Can Transform Your Business 

When you’re running a business in Kitchener, ON, you need smart solutions that are designed to protect it, such as surveillance cameras, access controls, and lighting. Yes, lighting! With PoE lighting control, you’ll create a highly visible space that is attractive for employees and guests but an unwelcome environment for intruders at night.

What is PoE lighting? PoE (power over ethernet) uses ethernet cables to control LED lighting on properties that use smart automation. So if you want motion-sensor security lighting for your outdoor and indoor pathways and the ability to control them remotely from a single device, look no further than PoE. 

Still, PoE lighting does much more than offer an extra layer of protection to your property. Keep reading to discover the main benefits of a PoE lighting system on your commercial property. 

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