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Do More with a Commercial AV Company Like Balaklava

a restaurant scene with TVs mounted on the wall showing a soccer game, with the crowd cheering

Technology Simplified with Sophisticated Yet Intuitive Workplace Solutions

From high-end restaurants to corporate office suites, a commercial AV company knows the ins and outs of technology integration. Imagine being able to streamline your operations with automation, lighting, security, and audio/video solutions that attract customers, increase employee productivity, improve your bottom line, and more! It’s all possible with the right technology integration company—Balaklava—handling every detail.

If you’re ready to begin exploring what’s possible for your business in the Toronto, ON, area, keep reading! We’ll explore some of the experiences you can have when you work with a professional AV integration team like us.

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Video Conferencing Tips from a Commercial AV Company

A video conferencing call connects in-person attendees with virtual attendees.

How to Achieve High-Quality Audio and Video for Effective Calls

Video conferencing technology has transformed how we work and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and vendors. Therefore, it is essential that the technology you use for this type of meeting environment be set up correctly for high-quality communications.

Over the years, our commercial AV company has supported many video conferencing setups in Southern Ontario, Canada – we could probably do them with our eyes closed now! But, no matter how many times we have assisted companies, there are always opportunities for issues to arise that impact audio and video quality. 

Please continue reading for tips to achieve the highest quality connections as you collaborate with others remotely from your Cambridge, Ontario, office.

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