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Your Favorite Music and Movies Are Now Available Outside

outdoor TV mounted above an outdoor kitchen area with grill, sink, and cabinetry

Pair the Wonderful Weather with Outdoor Video Entertainment

Did you know that you can simply step outside your back door to experience a personalized viewing and listening experience while the sun shines on your skin? Outdoor video and audio integration by the professionals at Balaklava takes your essential entertainment components like speakers, TVs, and lighting, makes them rugged enough for year-round operation, and designs them all to work beautifully together in a comprehensive outdoor system. It’s all easy enough to manage with the tap of a button on a smart device too.

Explore what’s possible with an outdoor AV installation at your Kitchener, Ontario property. Discover more by scrolling below!

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4 Things To Know About Paradigm Outdoor Audio Solutions

Outdoor Paradigm satellite speakers hidden among the grass and bushes in a backyard.

Balaklava Simplifies Outdoor AV Technologies for Canadian Homeowners

As the weather gets warmer, it’s nice to step outside and spend a bit more of your free time out there. Whether you’re playing catch in the yard with the kids, lounging by the pool, or gardening, everything is more fun when you have a fun playlist playing in the background of every activity.

By upgrading your outdoor audio solutions, you can bring all of your favorite entertainment media to your patio and backyard spaces in Kitchener, Ontario, with a little help from Balaklava - learn how by reading below!

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Learn What To Consider When It Comes to Commercial Outdoor Lighting


Add Protection, Style, & Professionalism to Your Ontario Business

As a manager or business owner, you’re aware of the hard work it takes to keep operations running smoothly. There’s scheduling, payroll, inventory, bookkeeping, and customer service, plus handling any building maintenance issues when they occur. One aspect of protecting your business that you may not have considered yet is the lighting on your property in Guelph, Ontario.

Whether you manage a sports complex, office building, or restaurant, commercial outdoor lighting is essential in keeping your property safe, stylishly lit, and professional-looking. Keep reading below to learn more about what outdoor commercial lighting can do for your business.

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