What’s Possible with Lighting Control?

luxury kitchen with white cabinetry and an island with in-ceiling can lights

Experience Easy Technology Management with the Tap of a Button

If you live in a smart home or have been considering adding automated features to your Waterloo, Ontario, property, then you’re aware that there are quite a few options on the market these days. To determine the best solutions for your home that not only meet your needs but make your daily lifestyle more luxurious, working with a smart home designer is imperative.

The Balaklava team takes care of every consideration when incorporating products and solutions into our clients’ homes. Not only do we design systems from the ground up, but we also integrate solutions into an existing system and ensure everything works beautifully together in harmony. Keep reading below to discover more about one of our favorite smart home solutions - lighting control!

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Video Conferencing Tips from a Commercial AV Company

A video conferencing call connects in-person attendees with virtual attendees.

How to Achieve High-Quality Audio and Video for Effective Calls

Video conferencing technology has transformed how we work and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and vendors. Therefore, it is essential that the technology you use for this type of meeting environment be set up correctly for high-quality communications.

Over the years, our commercial AV company has supported many video conferencing setups in Southern Ontario, Canada – we could probably do them with our eyes closed now! But, no matter how many times we have assisted companies, there are always opportunities for issues to arise that impact audio and video quality. 

Please continue reading for tips to achieve the highest quality connections as you collaborate with others remotely from your Cambridge, Ontario, office.

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A Life of Luxury: Whole-Home Automation

A well-lit living area with a lit fireplace and a few of the snowy mountains.

Manage Your Home’s Lighting, Climate, Entertainment, and Security Effortlessly

At Balaklava, we're committed to creating spaces that enhance our clients' everyday lives, making their homes easier to manage and more enjoyable. One system that offers this ease and convenience is whole-home automation. 

These systems offer one-touch control of your home’s lighting, climate, entertainment, and security. Even better? Thanks to programmed schedules, your home prepares itself for you in advance, creating the perfect environment for every occasion. 

Let’s explore these remarkable systems and how to create a smart home that defines luxury living in Collingwood, Ontario.

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3 Commercial Audio Solutions You Should Consider

glass-enclosed conference room with four people sitting around the table looking at the display screen

The Modern Workplace Is Evolving. Is Your Business?

You have to admit that the workplace as it once was is no longer here. Now, the modern office setting includes a hybrid workforce that balances their time between an in-person office environment and their home office. And if you work in the busy hospitality industry, you’ve undoubtedly dealt with staffing issues as well. Today’s modern worker, regardless of the industry, expects flexibility in scheduling and benefits, plus they want their technology to make life easier instead of overcomplicating it. 

With the many changes that have hit your Kitchener, Ontario, business in the last few years, have you updated your technology systems to stay on par with the evolution? Keep reading below to discover three commercial audio solutions you need to consider in order to support your team and improve client satisfaction.

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