Prepare for the Unexpected with Balaklava’s Leading Security Solutions

corner of a business building in the background with trees and a commercial security camera in the foreground.

Consider These Top Commercial Security Solutions for Your Southern Ontario Business

Commercial security considerations are paramount for any Collingwood business owner. Whether it’s preventing access to specific areas of your property, managing entry into the lobby area, or simply viewing surveillance footage, owners and facilities managers are faced with the daunting task of protecting staff members, customers, and assets at all times of day - even when the business day ends! 

To ensure everything is protected day and night, consider upgrading the commercial security solutions in your Southern Ontario, Canada business. Want to learn how? Keep reading below to discover more!

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Have You Heard of This Cost-Effective Commercial Lighting Solution?

View of modern office hallway with overhead, hanging lights.

Learn How PoE Lighting Technology Can Transform Your Business 

When you’re running a business in Kitchener, ON, you need smart solutions that are designed to protect it, such as surveillance cameras, access controls, and lighting. Yes, lighting! With PoE lighting control, you’ll create a highly visible space that is attractive for employees and guests but an unwelcome environment for intruders at night.

What is PoE lighting? PoE (power over ethernet) uses ethernet cables to control LED lighting on properties that use smart automation. So if you want motion-sensor security lighting for your outdoor and indoor pathways and the ability to control them remotely from a single device, look no further than PoE. 

Still, PoE lighting does much more than offer an extra layer of protection to your property. Keep reading to discover the main benefits of a PoE lighting system on your commercial property. 

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Whole Home Integration Makes Life Easy

Woman talking to delivery man on her smartphone through doorbell camera.

Picture a Day-in-the-Life with Smart Home Automation

When was the last time you left home only to return and find a light on or your garage door left open? While these may be little moments of forgetfulness, over time, they could add up to higher electricity costs or even more significant security concerns.

With a whole-home integration of innovative smart technologies, a day in your life in Waterloo, ON, could look very different. With the ease of integrated devices, you’ll be able to relieve some of the stress at home and save time for focusing on more important things - like what’s for dinner or what movie to watch in your home theater.

Still can’t picture it? Then, continue reading to walk through a day-in-the-life with whole-home integration.

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What Does It Take to Upgrade Your Conference Room Audio & Video?

 a conference room meeting with remote employees and a presentation on the display screen

Learn How Balaklava Helps Offices Adapt to a Digitally-Connected Workforce

Meetings are a staple for every workplace and have been around since the concept of “going into the office” became commonplace. But it’s only been within the last few years that meetings have dramatically changed to encourage robust collaboration with in-person and out-of-office attendees simultaneously.

The shift to a hybrid workforce - one comprised of at-home and in-office employees, vendors, buyers, and customers - requires upgraded video conferencing solutions that make your meetings more efficient and successful. Employees must get their message across, whether located in the Cambridge, Ontario boardroom or their remote office!

In order to adapt to this shift in office culture, business owners and managers need to consider a conference room upgrade. To learn what it’s like to work with a conference room audio company like Balaklava, keep reading below!

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