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Have You Heard of This Cost-Effective Commercial Lighting Solution?

View of modern office hallway with overhead, hanging lights.

Learn How PoE Lighting Technology Can Transform Your Business 

When you’re running a business in Kitchener, ON, you need smart solutions that are designed to protect it, such as surveillance cameras, access controls, and lighting. Yes, lighting! With PoE lighting control, you’ll create a highly visible space that is attractive for employees and guests but an unwelcome environment for intruders at night.

What is PoE lighting? PoE (power over ethernet) uses ethernet cables to control LED lighting on properties that use smart automation. So if you want motion-sensor security lighting for your outdoor and indoor pathways and the ability to control them remotely from a single device, look no further than PoE. 

Still, PoE lighting does much more than offer an extra layer of protection to your property. Keep reading to discover the main benefits of a PoE lighting system on your commercial property. 

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