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7 Lighting Design Tips for Holiday Hosts

An intimate dinner party with people sitting around a dining table with mood lighting.

Let the Lights Shine Bright in Your Home This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, there's no better time to consider how lighting design can help set the mood for your upcoming festive fun. While it’s true that lighting can impact our daily lives, it can also play an essential role in creating the perfect holiday atmosphere for joyful celebrations. Continue reading as we share seven lighting design tips to make your Collingwood, Ontario, holiday party shine bright.

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5 Ways Lighting Control Will Change Your Life

Photo of a beautiful home foyer with a winding staircase, beautifully lit all around.

Make Things Easier with This Modern Home Automation Option

Lighting control is no exception when it comes to modern technology and how it makes daily life a bit more convenient. Gone are the days of simply flipping a switch to light up a room. 

With the birth of intelligent lighting solutions from world-renowned brands, we now have the power to transform our living spaces and positively impact our daily routines. Read on to discover five remarkable ways lighting control improves your life in Collingwood, Ontario!

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What’s Possible with Lighting Control?

luxury kitchen with white cabinetry and an island with in-ceiling can lights

Experience Easy Technology Management with the Tap of a Button

If you live in a smart home or have been considering adding automated features to your Waterloo, Ontario, property, then you’re aware that there are quite a few options on the market these days. To determine the best solutions for your home that not only meet your needs but make your daily lifestyle more luxurious, working with a smart home designer is imperative.

The Balaklava team takes care of every consideration when incorporating products and solutions into our clients’ homes. Not only do we design systems from the ground up, but we also integrate solutions into an existing system and ensure everything works beautifully together in harmony. Keep reading below to discover more about one of our favorite smart home solutions - lighting control!

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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Exterior Landscape Lighting

outdoor view of home with three car garage, illuminated porch, and interior spaces.

Outdoor Smart Lighting Makes Life Easier & Safer

Protecting your home is vital, no matter the time of year. With longer nights ahead in Waterloo, Ontario, keeping your property illuminated throughout the evenings can improve safety while making your home look its best. Imagine being able to brighten your exterior spaces by pressing a button or the lights coming on automatically without a second thought. It’s all possible with Balaklava’s premier lighting design and installation.

Keep reading our blog below to discover three important reasons why you need to consider an exterior smart lighting upgrade. 

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