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Here’s What To Expect From a Home Automation Company

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Balaklava Simplifies Tech So You Can Live Your Life to the Fullest

There’s no need to become an expert technology installer if you want to transform your Kitchener, Ontario, home into a smart home. Instead, consider working with a professional home automation company like Balaklava so you can take your residence from dull to luxurious with advanced home solutions.

Whether a single room with automated window treatments or an entire home singing with multi-room audio, a professional integration team can make each subsystem work beautifully together as part of a single customizable, intuitive control system! One tap or swipe, and your entire home will adjust to meet your desires. Learn more in the article below to discover what a home automation company can do for your property!

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The Automated Living Experience

As you pull up to your home at the end of the day, the entire property is well-lit. The exterior lights turned on automatically at dusk. 

As you walk into your home, the house is set to the perfect temperature. Your lighting is programmed to turn on at the same time each evening, just in time for your arrival—the same for your thermostat, scheduled to adjust to your preferred settings before you get home. Talk about convenience and energy savings!

As you prepare dinner, tap a button labeled ‘Cooking’ on a custom-designed on-wall keypad. In-ceiling speakers stream an Apple Music playlist, and lossless audio plays as you prepare dinner.

After dinner, once the kids go to bed, you and your partner head to the media room to catch up on a show. Press the Play button, and the entire room responds. Motorized shades lower to add privacy and reduce ambient light; the room’s lights dim so the stunning 4K screen can stand out without distraction, and the sound system fires up for a truly immersive sound and picture experience. 

Afterward, you head to bed to turn in for the evening. You pull out your smartphone and tap the ‘Goodnight’ button to turn off all the house’s lights. The entire home is buttoned up for the night with a smart security system protecting you and your family.

What to Expect from a Home Automation Company

We take pride in providing the best possible customer experience for every home project. At the initial site assessment, our team discusses your unique technology needs and use cases to determine the best solutions to make your lifestyle more luxurious, reduce energy costs, and make your home look great! Then, we’ll design and engineer a customized smart control system with all software and hardware specifications, layouts, labor, and costs documented for your approval. 

With our brand partnerships, we have exclusive access to premier technology solutions and can offer you the best price and installation timelines. Once installed, we’ll calibrate your systems and train you to utilize your new smart home features before we call the project complete. We also offer optional annual extended support plans and a one-year home automation project warranty.

If you’re ready to start exploring what’s possible for your Ontario home, connect with our team here to start a conversation! We’d love to hear from you.

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