What Can a Smart Home Designer Do for My Project?


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There are several DIY “smart” products on the market today, but not all of them are designed to play nicely with others. Instead of fumbling with various apps or remotes, enjoy a truly intelligent home that feels luxurious and adds incredible convenience to your daily life in Kitchener, Ontario. A fully integrated automation and control system is the perfect solution.

A smart home designer can orchestrate all your connected devices into one sophisticated yet easy-to-use system. Video doorbells, motorized shades, lighting, security, and home entertainment are all operable with a simple tap of your finger. Scroll below to learn the process a smart home designer would take in developing the perfect system for your property.

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Initial Consultation

At Balaklava, we don’t create one-size-fits-all solutions or install smart home technologies that you’ll never actually use. Instead, we ask you questions about the things you do in your Kitchener-area home so that we can simply make it better and more convenient. The initial discovery consultation is where homeowners and smart home designers really hit it off.

Consider this an in-depth interview where the designer asks several questions regarding your daily routines. Are you a music lover? Do you love immersive movie experiences? Do you and the kids like to hang out together, enjoying the same entertainment, or do they prefer to watch videos on their tablets in their rooms? These questions may seem very personal, but in order to design a smart home control system that truly makes your life easier, our team needs to understand you and your family. This is also the point of the process where we discuss budget constraints and project scope.

System Design & Engineering

At this step, our designers define how every technology will work in each room and include hardware and wiring location information. Once the homeowner approves the design and price, it’s time to engineer your smart home system. Project documents and drawings include all technical information needed to operate your system. At the end of the project installation, we’ll hand over these valuable documents for reference and to aid any technicians that upgrade or maintain the system in the future.


This is the fun part for us! We’re making your dreams become a reality. Infrastructure work is essential, so all audio/video and control equipment is expertly installed in your home! Our smart home designers work alongside other trade professionals such as builders and interior designers to ensure the project timeline stays on schedule and all aspects of your home are taken into your consideration. We don’t simply plug in equipment. We ensure all your new smart home technology blends seamlessly into your property's existing architecture and design.

Service & Support

Once installation is complete, all documentation is delivered to you at the final project walk-through and sign-off. At Balaklava, we strive to make homeowners friends for life, supporting the software and hardware in your home with support calls and service plans.

To start a conversation with one of our smart home designers, connect with us using our online form. We can’t wait to help Ontario homeowners improve their daily lives with technology.

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