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5 Home Automation Upgrades Our Clients Love!

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Explore What’s Possible with Smart Home Solutions with a Wow Factor

If you’ve been looking for a way to spruce up your Collingwood, Ontario, home this spring, it’s time to consider a smart home upgrade. 

With home automation and control, you can completely change how your property looks and feels with a simple button press. Your living spaces become a relaxing oasis away from the world's stresses thanks to the strategic addition of smart home solutions. 

Read along to discover five of our clients’ favorite home automation upgrades.

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1. Lighting

Smart lighting is a genuinely revitalizing home upgrade. Something as simple as changing the light bulbs in the den to ones with a soothing warm glow or a crisp white light in the kitchen can change the way rooms look and feel. But smart LED lighting and lighting control give you the power of artificial lighting at your fingertips. Imagine each bulb shifting color temperature throughout the day to support your mood and the ebbs and flows of productivity. With the latest lighting technologies, it’s possible!

2. Motorized Shades

Go a step further in lighting control by adding automated shades to your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and media room. Window treatments add privacy from peering eyes while filtering or blocking out ambient light entirely, depending on the weave and opacity of the fabric. Temperature sensors can communicate with your HVAC system, sending an electronic signal to the thermostat for smart climate control. Shades lower or rise, and the thermostat lowers or increases automatically whenever the room becomes too warm or cold.

3. Distributed AV

Imagine controlling your favorite audio and video sources with the tap of a button or swipe of a finger! Our expert AV team can coordinate your entire home’s worth of cable boxes, TVs, speakers, streaming platforms, and more to work within one comprehensive yet intuitive control system. With different media zones programmed throughout your property, you can select your vintage vinyl collection to play in the dining room while the kids listen to pop songs by the pool. Alternatively, the entire property can sing with a single playlist during a party. 

4. Outdoor Lighting

Your next barbecue or birthday party can look great while having an additional layer of safety. Exterior smart lighting adds ambiance to outdoor spaces while helping your family and guests navigate your property safely once the sun goes down. Add automation to your outdoor lighting, and fixtures turn off automatically at dawn to reduce energy waste while the sun is out; they’ll turn back on at dusk.

5. Smart Home Security

Leaving home without knowing what's happening while you're gone is always a stressor for vacationers or those working long hours each day. Tap into surveillance footage remotely from wherever you’re located, download and send previously recorded footage, and even speak to the person that just rang your doorbell—all from the convenience of your preferred smart device.

The best part of a home automation upgrade? Having a professional integrator like Balaklava by your side during the design, installation, and for post-installation support. 

Start exploring what’s possible for your home by connecting with our team. We can’t wait to hear your project ideas.

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