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What’s Possible with Lighting Control?

luxury kitchen with white cabinetry and an island with in-ceiling can lights

Experience Easy Technology Management with the Tap of a Button

If you live in a smart home or have been considering adding automated features to your Waterloo, Ontario, property, then you’re aware that there are quite a few options on the market these days. To determine the best solutions for your home that not only meet your needs but make your daily lifestyle more luxurious, working with a smart home designer is imperative.

The Balaklava team takes care of every consideration when incorporating products and solutions into our clients’ homes. Not only do we design systems from the ground up, but we also integrate solutions into an existing system and ensure everything works beautifully together in harmony. Keep reading below to discover more about one of our favorite smart home solutions - lighting control!

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Let Your Home Shine

Your perfectly curated home decor should be the standout feature in your home, not your light switches. The look of rows of light switches appears like acne on your walls. With a lighting control system, you can do away with these and opt for sleek, architecturally-minded keypads and touchscreens that give you the power of lighting at your fingertips.

One tap or swipe, and a single fixture or an entire room can adjust in an instant. Lights dim or brighten and turn on or off easily. And with the help of a professional integrator like Balaklava, your smart light switches can do more than control lighting. Shades, AV, and other home solutions can be programmed to work simultaneously to create a desired aesthetic in mere seconds. 

Daily Routines

Smart lighting routines and automation will completely change the way you experience your home. You can program exterior landscape lighting to turn on automatically at dusk or turn on your foyer lights as soon as you park in the driveway. Or coordinate device responses to work in unison with one another, operating all at the same time. For example, the “Goodnight” smart scene will turn off all interior lighting, arm the alarm system, and lock all the smart locks on exterior doors. Your entire home is protected without you needing to get out of bed - simply pull out your smartphone to initiate the smart scene.

Beyond Aesthetics

Lights that are too bright leave a glare on the TV screen, and lights that are too dim leave you squinting while trying to read a book or prepare dinner in the kitchen. You can rest easier knowing that the exterior of your home is blanketing in illumination that deters potential thieves. In addition, interior lighting brightens the spaces that need functional lighting or adds ambiance at any time of the day.

Are you ready to bring intuitive and sophisticated lighting control to your Southern Ontario, Canada property? Connect with our team here, or chat with us at the bottom of your screen to start a conversation about what’s possible. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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