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Make Your Meetings More Productive with a High-Functioning Conference Room AV Setup

Conference room AV in Toronto, Ontario.

Save your conference room from becoming a tech nightmare

Gone are the days when conference rooms were just tables and chairs. Today, they are equipped with advanced technology devices that facilitate communication, sharing of ideas, and collaboration among team members that may be spread across different geographical regions. An audio-video system plays a vital role in this. From giving presentations and brainstorming to connecting with remote clients and employees, the AV system is integral to a variety of tasks and processes in a modern conference room.

However, not all businesses in Toronto, Ontario, get the best out of their AV equipment. Let’s quickly go over the AV system components and discuss a few common mistakes in DIY projects.

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The video displays in conference rooms are no longer just used to deliver presentations. They also serve as the platform that connects remote and in-office workers, allowing them to share ideas for various projects and collaborate virtually. 

For all these tasks to be completed seamlessly, you need a high-quality screen that’s large enough to clearly display all meeting participants and presentations. Poor quality or the wrong screen size can hamper the processes, disrupt meetings, and even reduce productivity. 

A professional AV installer like Balaklava Technology Simplified can save you from unnecessary trouble by installing a high-quality video display in your conference room. We’ll make sure it’s also the correct size according to your room’s needs, as well as installed in the right place at the perfect angle so everyone in the room can have a clear view.


It may be surprising for many, but several businesses do not give much thought to the audio part of their AV systems until they experience voice issues. However, audio is as essential to a conference room AV setup as video. Unclear or distorted audio, volume fluctuations, and low sound can make the information-sharing and collaboration process extremely difficult.

An AV installer will make sure you’re equipped with high-quality microphones and configure speakers to fit your specific space requirements. With professional guidance, you can rest assured that everyone in your office will have a voice. 

Build a High-Grade Conference Room AV System with Balaklava 

Save yourself from the hassle of setting up the whole conference room AV system and fixing issues alone by letting the pros do it for you. We at Balaklava simplify technology for our clients with our expert knowledge and skills.


Contact us to choose the best equipment for your conference room AV in Toronto or surrounding Southern Ontario neighborhoods. Dial (519) 367-5790 or fill out the online contact form to get started.

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