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3 Must-Have Smart Home Security Features


Calm Your Fears with Balaklava By Your Side

There’s no need to stress about your home in the Waterloo, Ontario area when you’re not there or after you go to bed. The security professionals at Balaklava are here to offer peace of mind with a smart home security system, featuring innovative technologies such as surveillance cameras with thermal imaging and artificial intelligence, motion sensors, smart locks and more!

Keep reading below to learn three must-have solutions you need to consider for your new or upgraded smart home security setup. 

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Security Cameras

smart home security system is only as reliable as its surveillance cameras. Pan-tilt-zoom, infrared, and dome cameras are just a few options available on the market for home security camera installations. 

On-the-cloud and local storage options are available to house previously recorded surveillance camera footage. Redundant power options such as a backup battery or generator are also necessary in case of vandalism or power outages. Balaklava will help you determine which types of cameras suit your unique property best, so you’re not left with blind spots on your property that attract potential thieves.

Monitoring Service

A home with an alarm system that isn’t monitored may as well not have an alarm system at all! You can’t possibly keep track of every motion sensor and camera alert throughout the day and night, and that’s why a monitoring service is crucial. 

A central security monitoring station receives alerts whenever an incident occurs on your property. It views live and recorded footage, and it even contacts local law officials if needed. If your alarm system is triggered, or it detects something like a broken window, or water leak, homeowners immediately receive a phone call from the monitoring service.

Remote Access

Have you ever walked out of the house and been halfway to work, only to second-guess yourself and wonder if you locked the front door? Or maybe you left the garage door open? That nagging feeling has been known to plague us all at some point or the other, but no longer!

Simply access a live video feed from your smartphone to see whether you closed the garage door. And if you did leave the door wide open? There’s no need to turn the car around. Instead, swipe your finger on your security app to lower the garage door remotely. You can also remotely unlock and lock smart locks for dog walkers, real estate agents, and delivery people – all by using a smartphone or tablet!


Home security requires a careful design and top-in-class high-performance products that protect you, your loved ones, and your belongings. Contact Balaklava today to schedule an in-home consultation or chat with us at the bottom of your screen!

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